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Building a Strong Local Economy Movement



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Choose Indie Local: Build Stronger Local, Equitable, and Sustainable Economies

National Movement

Engage your community in the Choose Indie Local movement — as investors, creators, owners, and Indie Local champions — inspired by independent businesses’ impact on community health and wealth.

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Apr 2024
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What is AMIBA?

We're Building a Strong Local Economy Movement

AMIBA was founded in 2001 as part of a nationwide movement to support locally-owned, independent businesses, encourage local purchasing, and address the competitive disadvantages that independent businesses often experience due to policies and economic structures.

AMIBA has been at the forefront of a national grassroots campaign to “Buy Local” and value their community’s uniqueness. Over the last two decades, nearly 100 Independent Business Organizations (IBAs) opened in cities and rural regions, large and small, nationwide.